A native Canadian, Yuki attended the University of Toronto, where she studied Neuroscience. After her brief encounter with the academic world, she came to L.A. to explore her creativity and found it in the beautiful craft of acting which she has been devoted to for the past 10 years. Recently she has started producing and directing and is now actively pursuing careers in all three. Her Production credits include a series of short films for Studio C - the awarding winning "Possibility", "Rain", "Superchicks", "Toxins" and the soon to be released "Just Remember" which she produced under budget and on time. She also booked a recurring role in the independent pilot "Bourbon Street," while working behind the scenes on the show in New Orleans.


Yuki studies with John Coppola at Studio C, (www.studiocartists.com), who teaches that a true artist uses their creativity to be of service to the world. Being of service, Yuki volunteered her talents as a filmmaker and shot The Art Ranch's 2007 camp pilot and fell in love with the entire project. She has a great affinity and love for children and resonates deeply with the mission and goals of The Art Ranch.

In her spare time she plays a little guitar, does Astana yoga, and swims in the ocean every chance she gets.