Visual Arts Director

Rude Calderon was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1957, and at age seven emigrated with his family to the Los Angeles area. Art has always played a central role in the creative aspect of his growth. As a child he watched his father sculpt in clay; images of Indians, Madonna’s Christ child and prophets. Art training began in private art and music classes at the age of eight. His education continued as a fine arts major with an emphasis in painting and sculpture at Mount San Antonio College and Cal State University Los Angeles. From 1984 to 1989 he assisted and collaborated in several of the public mural projects of East Los Streetscapers.

Rude’s paintings, sculptures and prints have been widely exhibited in the Southern California area since 1985 (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Laguna Art Museum, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, UCLA/Armand Hammer Museum of Art as well as a number of Los Angeles area galleries). Nationally in: Anchorage, Alaska; Texas Art Museum, Jose Galvez Gallery in Tucson, Arizona; The Mexican Fine Arts Museum in Chicago, Illinois; The Brandywine Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Internationally his work has shown in: St. Petersburg, Russia; Berlin, Germany; Tijuana and Juarez, Mexico; Santiago, Chile; Galicia, Spain and San Jose, Costa Rica.

In 1994 Rude was invited to have a one person exhibit at the Los Angeles Consulate General of Costa Rica. He then served four years as Art Advisor and Curator, organizing and curating several exhibits of Costa Rican artists. Presently Rude teaches introduction to sculpture and stone sculpture at Otis College of Art and Design Evening Program. Musically he is also the percussionist for Los Angeles based, house music band “Who’s Your Daddy”.

He’s been written about in The Los Angeles Times, La Opinion, Coagula Art journal (Los Angeles), Smena (St. Petersburg, Russia), La República (Costa Rica), La Nación (Costa Rica), Diario de Colima (México), "Cartapasios Cultural Magazine", Colima (México). In the visual media he’s been featured and interviewed in several local, national and international television and video productions including: ECCO, 1988; NBC News, 1992; Vista L. A., ABC, 1995; Cultural TV Channel of Perm, Russia, 1998; Canal Cultural de la Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, 1998; Canal 12 TV Colima, Mexico, 2002.

Rude was recently awarded a commissioned public art sculpture for his proposal titled “Leaping Fish” for the East Los Angeles Civic Center Lake Renovation Project. These sculptures will be sculpted in travertine marble. Stone will be used for its timeless and universal qualities, harmonized and complemented in the midst of a body of water.