2016 The Art Ranch at California Hot Springs and Los Olivos, CA.
      Retreats, Workshops and Camp Sessions serving young people, families and adults.
      July 25th - August 13 Songwriting, Creativity, and Wellness Camp retreats
      August 20-25  Women's Art & Wellness Camp Retreats
      June 11th - 18th Songwriting & Wellness Camp Retreats
      June 6th - 11th Songwriting
      April - June Boutique Family Wellness & Wellbeing Camp Retreats 

2015 The Art Ranch at California Hot Springs
      July 12th-July 28 Art & Wellness Camp
      June 13th-20th Songwriting Creativity and Wellness Camp
      June 2st-28th Songwriting Creativity and Wellness Camp
      April - June Boutique Family Wellness & Wellbeing Camp Retreats 

2013-2014 The Art Ranch at California Hot Springs, CA
      Workshops, Retreats and Camp Session serving young people 

 2013 The Art Ranch, Art & Wellness, California Hot Springs, CA
       Serving children, adults and Families 

2012 Songwriting/ Creativity & Wellness Camp, California Hot Springs, CA
      June 23 - June 30, 2012
      August 11 - August 18, 2012 

2011 Art and Wellness Project, California Hot Springs, California
                  Serving children, adult and Families

2011 The Urban Art Ranch, New York City, New York

2010-2011 Art Ranch Inner City, Los Angeles, CA

          Serving Children of diverse backgrounds
Focus: Art,  Music, Theatre, Wellness & Fitness,  Gardening and Nutrition 

2007-2011 Chief Plenty Coups’ Property Crow Reservation, Montana
                  Serving Children of Crow, Black Foot, Assiniboine/Sioux, and
                  Cheyenne Nations along with other young people from diverse backgrounds
      Focus: Art, Music, Theatre, Wellness and Fitness,  American Indian history, story telling, medicinal herbs studies, and indigenous intuitive games.  

2006-2007 White Buffalo Camp, New Mexico
                  Serving Families and Adults from U.S. and Europe
      Focus: Art, Sculpture,  Music,  Photography,  Pottery, Drummaking, Sweat Lodge, Totem Teachings
                  Artists/Teachers from Taos Pueblo, Cochiti Pueblo, San Filipe Pueblo, and Jemez 

2005 Christmas in Mexico
                  Serving the Children of the Salvatierra Orphanage
      Focus: Art, Music,  Christmas Party and fulfillment of "Wish List" for the Children and Orphanage 

2005 Katrina Kids, Dream Center, L.A.
                  Serving Families who were relocated due to Hurricane Katrina
      Focus: Art and Music Therapy, Comedy, Story Telling
                  Local Art Therapists,  Psychologists,  Artists and Musicians   

 2004 Express Yourself Project, Vietnam
                  Serving Orphanages, Street Centers and children from impoverished families
      Focus: Art, Theatre, Sculpture, Music; and Computer Class
                  Professional artists and musicians from U.S. teaching with local teachers to implement ongoing programs, Hoi An, Vietnam. - Continuing