Debrah is a filmmaker with experience in front of the camera and behind it. Her television credits include starring roles in ABC's "Equal Justice", CBS's "Easy Streets", NBC's "Earth 2" and SciFi's "Eureka". While spending literally thousands of hours on various film sets, she took a keen interest in the work going on behind the camera and learned from some of the best filmmakers in the business. In 2001, she returned to college to pursue her degree in biology and those studies, combined with her love of filmmaking, offered her the opportunity to travel to Afghanistan multiple times as an embedded journalist with Aeromedical evacuation units. These travels led to the production of PBS's "Saving America's Hero's" which garnered a Suncoast Emmy nomination for her and her team. She continues to work with the US Air Force documenting rescue units, members of the Afghan military, the challenges facing embedded journalists and more.

From 2003 - 2013, Debrah has served as an invaluable assistant to Laurie Pettigrew, the CEO and founder of the Art Ranch. Her passion for its mission combined with her keen organizational and people skills has been instrumental to the growth and development of all aspects of the Art Ranch's mission and goals. Presently, she serves as an advisor and board member to the Art Ranch and is providing her docmentary film team in documenting the Art Ranch's Art In Action Psychosocial Initiative (AIA) that is being implemented into Germany, Greece and throughout Europe.