Director of Strategic Planning

Charlene brings with her over 20 years of management experience. While she has served some of the larger corporations of Silicon Valley, some of the Native organizations that have benefited from her organizational development skills include: the TANF program managed by the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada; the Maidu Family Story Project; Indian Dispute Resolution Service of Sacramento; Little Earth of Minneapolis; the Ohlone Wellness Project; Con Carino, an international children's support services organization; and The Art Ranch. In addition, she has extensive experience building and implementing strategic plans for non-profit organizations. In July of 2009 Charlene completed a nine-month stay in the Twin Cities of Minnesota where she expanded her understanding of culture and tradition, while serving as a consultant on issues of program effectiveness and outcome measurement for Native programs serving Lakota and Ojibwa families.

Charlene was born and raised in San Jose, California. Her mother was born in San Francisco, her grandmother was born near Morgan Hill. Members of her family have lived within this 50-mile radius for hundreds of years. Her career and artwork is a reflection of a strong tie to this region of California, and incorporates both native Ohlone and Mexican cultural influences. Today, Charlene is an accomplished textile artist and acrylic painter. She is considered an Activist in the sense that she not only serves as a spokesperson for her tribe, but she uses her artwork to influence others and her ideas to help others through self-actualization, discovery of purpose and self-inspiration.