Director, Circus Arts Program

Amy Christian is a professional performing and visual artist, teacher and community activist. A founding member of Wise Fool, Amy has served as a co-Director, core artist, producer and administrator since 1989. In her time with Wise Fool, Amy has conceived, organized and directed outdoor and indoor theatre events, taught public workshops in mask making, stilt walking, puppetry arts and processional theatre, performed throughout the US, Mexico and Europe, built hundreds of giant puppets and supported an uncountable number of cultural and social change groups and events.

Amy has also guided community and cultural organizations through the conception and creation of public events. In 1995, Amy founded IN THE STREET, the San Francisco Street Theatre Festival. A three-day free event, celebrating accessible theatre by bringing high quality performances into the streets of the Tenderloin. IN THE STREET is now in its sixth successful year, changing the face of this "dangerous" neighborhood by bringing the community together in dialogue and shared celebration.

Since 1988 Amy has also been; teaching visual art and creative movement to children ages 2 to 18, performing as a dancer and clown, and creating masks and puppets on commission for venues such as the Santa Fe Children's Museum and the Earth's Birthday Project. Her vision is to bring art back into our daily lives as a means of empowerment, celebration and reclamation of public space.